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Razorcat Development GmbH was founded in 1997 by Michael Wittner and is an independent, privately owned company located in Berlin and Waldbronn. The core technology of the Razorcat products was based on prototypical testing tools developed at the research laboratories of DaimlerChrysler.

Focused on software testing tools for the embedded systems market, Razorcat has developed the powerful unit testing tool TESSY for C-code modules that supports the most relevant microcontrollers, compiler environments and target platforms. The systematic test design tool CTE helps creating low redundant and error sensitive test cases. The Integrated Test Environment (ITE) provides solutions to handle complex test management projects including the definition of requirements and dependent tests, control the test execution, evaluate the test results and finally generate test verification reports. The system test is comprehensively automated with the simple but powerful test specification language CCDL. Through the fully automated test execution and evaluation, CCDL enables a powerful and resource-friendly testing of a system.


TASKING an Altium Brand

Altium TASKING products are the tools of choice for embedded software development across a diverse range of industries including Tier-1 automotive suppliers and industry-leading car manufacturers. We create complete development environments that allow engineers to create reliable, safe, and high-performance applications. Over 30,000 engineers around the globe rely on TASKING compilers and debuggers every day for their development needs.

Since 1986, TASKING has been developing performance driven compilers for industry-leading automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers.


Verum creates and sells software engineering tools for designing verifiably correct embedded software for cyber-physical systems. Our latest product, “Dezyne”, enables software engineers to create, explore and formally verify designs for embedded software systems of all types. It leads to generated code that is robust, reliable and resilient.

Based in Waalre, The Netherlands, close to Eindhoven’s High Tech Campus, Verum has development centers in the Netherlands and Argentina. Our customers include leading high-tech multinational companies.

port GmbH

port is a leading supplier of industrial communication technologies such as CAN/CANopen and Industrial Ethernet including the PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and POWERLINK protocols. Port GmbH has been located in Halle/Saale since 1990. For more than five years port has successfully provided Industrial Ethernet Technology such as PROFINET, EtherCAT, POWERLINK and EtherNet/IP. port offers stacks, tools, workshops and integration support as well as custom hardware and software development, including manufacturing of electronic devices and systems.

Besides the standard activities like licensing protocol stacks, training and implementation port also offers customer specific engineering services and manufacturing services for electronic devices and systems. Port has focused on Communication Technologies like Protocol Stacks, Drivers for Fieldbuses and reliable Tools as standard products. Based on this valueable Know-How port GmbH offers services like consulting, training, specific hardware adaptions and customer specific hardware and software development.


DefenseCode is quickly becoming a widely recognized brand in information security consultancy and vulnerability research.

Based out of IRELAND, Privately founded in 2010, company provides a range of consulting and assessment services to help organizations measure their security posture and build a thorough and compliant security program to support their business strategy. Most of our clients come from the e-banking, finance, telecommunications, insurance, legal, IT and retail sectors.

DefenseCode delivers products and services designed to analyze and test web, desktop and mobile applications for security vulnerabilities using Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST, BlackBox Testing) and Static Application Security Testing (SAST, WhiteBox Testing) technologies. DefenseCode has in depth experience of penetration testing, zero-day vulnerability research, security audit and source code security analysis.


PERCEPIO AB was founded by Dr. Johan Kraft. The main aim of PERCEPIO is to develop RTOS debugging tool. There after PERCEPIO has introduced its very own RTOS debugging tool called TRACEALYZER. Percepio Tracealyzer reveals what is actually going on in embedded software at runtime. Trace your software’s real-time behavior, gain valuable insight with advanced visualization and power up your debugging. No special hardware is required.

Percepio, the leader in software trace visualization for embedded systems and IoT. Percepio is the developer of highly visual runtime diagnostics tool for embedded and Linuxbased software, Tracealyzer. Percepio collaborates with several leading vendors of operating systems for embedded software and is a member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network and the Embedded Vision Alliances


Technica Engineering GmbH is a pioneer company in the integration of Automotive Ethernet. Since 2008, Technica supported the standardization of 100BASE-T1 (BroadR-Reach ™) via BMW and the OPEN Alliance and specialized in complex ECU test solutions for OEM’s like BMW, Audi, Volvo and Renault. With their ECU prototyping activities and their testing solutions, Technica has acquired an especially important role in the introduction of Ethernet as a communication technology inside the automobile.

Technica applies their knowledge for engineering at all stages of E/E development and works with major OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers worldwide. Their comprehensive network of distributors and partners, of which Menlopark is an important part, enables them to provide optimal service and delivery on-site. Technica Engineering’s products combine 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1 with CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, LIN and analogue interfaces and have the best reputation in the market for performance and conformance. Support of AVB/TSN is part of their scope, which is key to ADAS and other key features.

Technica’s innovative hardware and software solutions allow their customers to extensively and efficiently test modern on-board electronic components and networks during their development.

PLS Development Tools Menlopark

PLS Development Tools, GmbH

PLS, based in Germany, is the manufacturer of the debugger, test and trace framework Universal Debug Engine By PLS® UDE. Thanks to its innovative tools for embedded software development, PLS has developed into one of the technology leaders in this field since its foundation in 1990. The UDE combines powerful capabilities for debugging, testing and system-level analysis with efficiency and ease of use. The UAD2pro, UAD2next and UAD3+ access devices of the Universal Access Device (UAD) family complete the comprehensive debug functions of UDE and enable fast, robust and flexible communication with the target system.

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