25 Years Of Experience In Embedded Systems

We represent world class companies within the real-time embedded computing markets to bring high quality products to our customers in industries including Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Transportation, Communication, Medical and Industrial automation.
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Our Practice Area

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Aerospace & Defence

In modern aerospace embedded systems find their place everywhere from head to tail.Examples include Flight data recorders, internal/external video surveillance system.
Menlopark automotive vehicle


In vehicle infotainment, Software framework, migration of Automotive Application from legacy architecture to AUTOSAR , non AUTOSAR like OSEK based platform Integration.
Menlopark industrial applications


The embedded systems are used in various industrial applications such as process control, sensors, actuators, robotics etc. The adoption of embedded systems in industrial applications provide power efficiency
Menlopark medical monitoring


Basically, embedded systems were introduced in this field to cater with medical issues that necessitated monitoring and maintenance frequently in a day. Patients that are hospitalized needs constant attention.

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Menlopark technologies was born at the nexus of two powerful trends; Embedded systems and Automotive Electronics evolution. Menlopark technologies being a part of ESDS is a leading provider of embedded systems and services to Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Telecom and also Industrial Segments. ESDS on the engineering services has completed 319 various projects related to Hardware, Abstraction Layer, Device drivers, RTOS pro team, Middleware Integration & Application Design Development and Deployment.

Classification Of Projects Completed:

Testing - 23%

Application Layer - 30%

Middleware Layer - 25%

BSP Experience - 22%

Menlopark® Quality Policy

Menlopark technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified registered company which is committed to meet the customers requirements and expectations by supplying high quality products and services that are reliable and meet the functionality requirements. To ensure this commitment we use our technical expertise that is dependable, result oriented and certifiable. We are dedicated to the continuous process of improvement in the quality management through measurement, analysis and action.
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